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Sede: Viale della Repubblica, 240
31100 Treviso (TV)

phone +39 422 493050
fax     +39 422 497225
e-mail: klekoo@klekoo.com

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KLEKOO.com is an Agency specialized in realization of modern and effective web sites, portals, consulting, e-business, e-commerce, integrated communication, multimedial applications, cd-rom and cd-card, web design, web advertising and web hosting.

KLEKOO.com aims to increase the development of new technologies offering customers concrete solutions to reach online the highest competitiveness.

KLEKOO.com supplies services covering all aspects of Internet communication: objectives planning, feasibility studies, web design, technical analysis, contents elaboration, usability controls, e-promotion, e-marketing, web sites updating and maintenance.

Internet knowledge, dynamism and competence enable KLEKOO.com to supply different solutions, technologies and integrated services, to fulfill each single customer demand.

KLEKOO.com helps all clients step by step, studies their demands, elaborates custom solutions and develops Internet tools act on achieve business objectives.

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